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21st Dec 2022

The Hip Hop Nutcracker - Bonus Episode

Hey Hip Hop Movie Club listeners. We want to tell you up front that we recorded this special episode before the untimely and tragic death of DJ tWitch, Stephen Boss, a lead character in the Hip Hop Nutcracker. We join the world in mourning him, we wish peace and comfort to his wife Allison Holker, their children and loved ones, and we celebrate his work in dance and music that brought so much joy to this world.  

If you or someone you know has a mental illness, is struggling emotionally, or has concerns about their mental health, there are ways to get help:

If you're in a crisis, call or text 988 to speak to a trained crisis counselor. And check in on your friends and family. 

Stephen 'tWitch' Boss' death and Black men's mental health during the holidays (USA Today)

On this bonus episode of Hip Hop Movie Club, your HHMCs review The Hip Hop Nutcracker, a Disney+ special.

The Hip Hop Nutcracker on IMDB

Christmas Rappin' by Kurtis Blow

A Hip Hop Nutcracker at NJ PAC (December 17)


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